About Engineers Groups
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We Work on Construction and Architecture


Over the last five years, Engineers Groups has built a unique data base of information on building prescription. This data base goes beyond offering you raw information on architecture firms, interior designers, economists, engineering and design departments or building project superintendents; instead, it offers you classification by order of economic importance and by specialization.

It is based on the building permits granted to architects and workers, and benefits from regular and exhaustive investigations by mail and telephone, and synchronization with data bases of companies registered in the telephone book and in various professional directories.

We offer architectural services from concept development to construction management.

We work with clients worldwide and also participate in architectural competitions as well as develop philosophical architectural concepts and in addition our company is active in the architectural education and research fields.

Interior Design

We offer interior design from concept development to construction management.

We work both with individual and commercial clients worldwide and do offer various service packages to be suitable to our clients’ needs.

Object of Design

The newest branch of our company which offers our clients bespoke design objects, custom made furniture and lighting as well as art objects and jewellery based on digital technology and fabrication techniques.

Exterior Design or 3D LOOK Of Building

We offer 3D design from concept development of Looks of Building in Unique Way.

We work with individual and clients to understand dream of client and we design client Dream for become it true and both give a unique look of buildings.

You see your Building looks before the construction of building, see how’s your dream becoming true.